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Art Design ConsultantsCincinnati, OH     

Gallery One, Naples, FL

The MN Collection, Scottsdale, AZ

Studio E GalleryPalm Beach Gardens, FL

Trove GalleryPark City, UT

Luca Décor, Santa Fe, NM



For almost 30 years, Art Consultant, Donna Niemann and Dawn Renée have worked with interior designers creating unique commissioned sculptures that elevate their client’s environment.

We believe that the process of creating a commission should be an inspiring one and leave a remarkable impression with your clients:

“I have discovered my favorite view of the Raku!  As I approach it from the entry hall having turned down the stair hall, viewing it from one end to the other, every color and crackle in the various pieces washes into the next almost like a water color –  Oh how I love it!”  – Carmel, CA client

Creating a Commission 

Project Proposal  simply share some design specs and we will promptly reply with a quote.



Prestigious Designers that we love & recommend

for your next design project

Doris Clements Interiors

Cynthia Woody Design

Design 21, Wendy Valdez

Marcio Decker

Corderman Art Resources 

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